The recent attacks of October 7 have significantly altered the geopolitical dynamics in the Middle East, underscoring the necessity for a comprehensive strategy to ensure regional stability and security. Authored by LTG (ret) Keith Dayton, Ambassador (ret) James Jeffrey, Eran Lerman, Charlie Ries, Robert Silverman, and Tom Warrick this report proposes the establishment of a Multi-National Authority to temporarily administer the Gaza strip, aimed at removing control from Hamas, enhancing security measures, and initiating substantial reconstruction efforts in both physical and social infrastructures. The authors have drawn on their senior-level stabilization experience in the Balkans and the Middle East and on several historical examples and exchanges with United States and Israeli officials.

At the report launch, they will detail the proposed governance frameworks, security provisions, and the phased transition to local governance. It will also offer in-depth insights and a platform for dialogue on one of the most pressing issues in international affairs today. 

This event is co-hosted by the Atlantic Council and the Wilson Center.


Amb. Mark Green
CEO & President
Wilson Center

Merissa Khurma
Director, Middle East Program
Wilson Center

Mary Beth Long
Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
US Department of Defense

James F. Jeffrey
Chair, Middle East Program
Wilson Center

Eran Lerman
Vice President
Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security

Robert Silverman
Executive Editor
Jerusalem Strategic Tribune

Thomas Warrick
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Middle East Program
Atlantic Council