Comparing US and German Approaches to Energy Transformation

A conversation with:
John Banks
Adjunct Professor and Visiting Scholar
Johns Hopkins University

Anne Hoskins
Chief Policy Officer

Hans-Wilhelm Schiffer
Executive Chair, World Energy Resources
World Energy Council

Moderated by:
Thomas Cunningham
Deputy Director, Global Energy Center
Atlantic Council

Introduced by:
Ambassador Richard Morningstar (Ret.)
Founding Director and Chairman, Global Energy Center
Atlantic Council

The power sector is evolving rapidly. Renewable energy is expanding as a share of electricity generation worldwide.  In 2015, new capacity installations of renewables exceeded that of conventional for the first time.  Alongside this trend, low natural gas prices in the United States have led to significant fuel switching from coal to gas.  On both sides of the Atlantic, nuclear power is a vital part of the energy mix but its future is fraught with questions about safety and affordability.  Finally, changing consumer preferences, technological advancement and climate change considerations are adding pressure to utilities and regulators to provide low carbon solutions and to offer services in addition to electricity supply.  Join us for a conversation with power sector experts from the United States and Germany to discuss the drivers of this transformation, to compare the challenges these innovative countries are facing, what approaches are being taken, and explore the emerging future of this critical part of our societies.

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