EuroGrowth Conversation Series
The European Refugee Surge: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Report Presentation:
Antonio Spilimbergo
Head of Mission to Turkey 
International Monetary Fund

A Conversation with:
Moreno Bertoldi
Principal Advisor
EU Delegation to the United States

Laura Lane
President of Global Public Affairs

Moderated by:
Katerina Sokou
Washington DC Correspondent
Kathimerini Greek Daily

The humanitarian catastrophe that is now unfolding at the gates of Europe raises profound challenges as well as opportunities to European nations. In the long term, growth will depend on how effectively they integrate in the labor market. The panel will ask the question: Which policies can ensure that this challenge is transformed into a success story? 
The report presentation will be followed by a panel discussion between American and European experts who will shed light on best practices in migration policy and lessons learned on both sides of the Atlantic.

The event is part of the Atlantic Council's transatlantic EuroGrowth Initiative, focused on getting Europe back on the path to sustainable economic growth by convening top policymakers, business leaders, and academics who work to identify and apply best practices and policies on both sides of the Atlantic.

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This event is open to press and on the record. 

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