The Atlantic Council GeoEconomics Center, in partnership with New Financial and Centre for Policy Studies, two leading UK think tanks, hosted the future of UK banking and finance conference on April 28th. The event will mark the launch of new research on UK financial competitiveness and the impact on the global economy.

The event convened senior British, US, and European leaders across government, academia, and the private sector to discuss policy proposals concerning UK capital markets, taxation, and competitiveness. 

John Glen, Economic Secretary to the Treasury of the United Kingdom, was the keynote speaker for the event. Watch key moments from the conference below.

Opening remarks: 

Frederick Kempe
President and CEO
Atlantic Council

Opening remarks: 

William Wright
Founder and Managing Director
New Financial

Keynote remarks: 

John Glen MP
Economic Secretary to the Treasury
HM Treasury

Domestic reform panel:

Lord Jonathan Hill
UK Listing Review, HM Treasury

David Bailey
Executive Director, UK Deposit Takers Supervision
Bank of England

Julia Hoggett
Chief Executive Officer
London Stock Exchange

Tracy Blackwell
Chief Executive Officer
Pension Insurance Corporation

Moderator: Geoff Cutmore, Anchor, CNBC

International opportunity panel:

Anna Marie Dunn
Chief Financial Officer
JP Morgan EMEA

Richard Gnodde
Chief Executive Officer
Goldman Sachs International

Peter Harrison
Group Chief Executive

Clare Woodman
Head of EMEA and CEO
Morgan Stanley & Co. International

Moderator: Geoff Cutmore, Anchor, CNBC

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Apr 28, 2022

The future of UK banking and finance

By Panagiotis Asimakopoulos, Christopher Breen, and William Wright

This report provides an ambitious blueprint for the future of UK banking and finance. It emphasizes the need for more rapid reform in three broad areas: enabling the sector to better support the UK economy, improving its international competitiveness, and mapping the role it can play in developing global cooperation and partnerships.

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