As the global community continues to grapple with the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Atlantic Council is open for business. Our business, meetings, and events, however, are occurring virtually. For more information, please read an update from our President and CEO.

Please join the Atlantic Council’s GeoEconomics Center on December 14th for an off-the-record, private roundtable on the transatlantic trade agenda for 2021. We are delighted to welcome as speakers Maria Demertzis, deputy director at Bruegel; Barbara Matthews, an Atlantic Council nonresident senior fellow and CEO of BCMStrategy, Inc; and David O’Sullivan, former EU ambassador to the United States and senior counselor at Steptoe & Johnson. Julia Friedlander, who serves as the Council’s C. Boyden Gray senior fellow and deputy director of the GeoEconomics Center, will moderate the conversation.

2021 provides an opportunity for a fresh start for transatlantic trade. The incoming Biden administration is expected to de-escalate trade tensions with the EU. Major issues for the relationship, such as the Airbus – Boeing dispute, are ripe for a negotiated settlement. To put the global trade framework on a firmer footing, Brussels and Washington will have to work together. Based on the findings of a new report by our senior fellow Barbara Matthews, the event aims to outline pragmatic goals for the transatlantic trade agenda starting in 2021. Key goals include reassessing global supply chains, addressing regulatory non-tariff barriers, and a common approach vis-à-vis China. Our panel of regulatory experts will discuss how to reform the nuts and bolts of transatlantic trade to make it fit for the digital economy and create global standards in the process. This virtual roundtable conversation will be off-the-record.


Maria Demertzis
Deputy Director, Bruegel

Barbara Matthews
Nonresident Senior Fellow, GeoEconomics Center, Atlantic Council
CEO, BCMStrategy, Inc

David O’Sullivan
Former EU Ambassador to the US
Senior Counselor, Steptoe & Johnson


Julia Friedlander
C. Boyden Gray Senior Fellow and Deputy Director, GeoEconomics Center, Atlantic Council