On the morning of February 24, 2022, Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine changed the fragile balance of power in Europe. The largest armed conflict on the continent since World War II, Russia’s assault on Ukraine in both the kinetic and information domains encapsulates the complexities of how modern warfare is waged in the digital age. Through its employment of information operations on the global stage, Russia continues its ongoing efforts to undermine Ukraine’s international standing in an attempt to erode Western support and domestic Ukrainian morale. 

Join the DFRLab’s global research team on February 29 as they present their investigations, exploring the patterns of pro-Kremlin propaganda and disinformation tools and narratives worldwide. Researchers will detail how Kremlin informational tactics have evolved over the course of the second year of the invasion period, presenting case studies from Ukraine, Russia, across Europe, Middle East, and from Africa and Latin America. This year’s report follows the footsteps of the last year’s paper – Undermining Ukraine, which focused on the Russian tactics and techniques in the first year of the full-scale invasion. Their presentations will be followed by a conversation considering Russian tactics and possible ways of countering them. 

Throughout 2023, Russia exploited its rich toolbox for conducting information operations, including hacking, forged documents, employing coordinated inauthentic networks on social media platforms, and exploiting regional grievances with the West, among other tactics. Faced with international sanctions, a damaged reputation, and the ban of state-sponsored RT and Sputnik in many Western countries, Russia shifted toward more targeted and tailored influence operations, targeting multiple social media platforms and messaging apps.  


Valentin Châtelet
Research Associate, Belgium,
Digital Forensic Research Lab, Atlantic Council

Andy Carvin
Senior Fellow and Managing Editor,
Digital Forensic Research Lab, Atlantic Council

Beatriz Farrugia
Research Associate, Brazil,
Digital Forensic Research Lab, Atlantic Council

Sopo Gelava
Research Associate, Caucasus,
Digital Forensic Research Lab, Atlantic Council

Roman Osadchuk
Research Associate, Ukraine,
Digital Forensic Research Lab, Atlantic Council   

Dina Sadek
Mideast Research Fellow, Canada,
Digital Forensic Research Lab, Atlantic Council


Olga Tokariuk
Open Society University Network Academy Fellow, Ukraine Forum,
Chatham House

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