Saudi Arabia is witnessing pivotal transformations spurred by the significant rise in women’s economic participation. This dynamic shift is forging fresh opportunities for women and steering a new trajectory for the country’s healthcare sector. As more women assume various roles in the workforce, they have begun to hold substantial sway over financial decisions within their households, thereby challenging and reshaping established gender norms in the kingdom. Interestingly, over 91 percent of employed women in Saudi Arabia are now significant contributors to their families’ financial well-being.

This transformation hints at a future where women’s financial autonomy intertwines deeply with the societal fabric, initiating vital discussions surrounding women’s economic participation and the resultant impacts on family welfare and, by extension, the nation as a whole.

This upcoming workshop aims to catalyze a nuanced dialogue that investigates the shifting roles of women within Saudi society, with a deep dive into the ripple effects this phenomenon has on the healthcare sector in particular. It will highlight the opportunities and challenges faced by the Saudi Arabian healthcare system—a sector that, despite considerable governmental investments, is still grappling with issues such as staffing shortages and limited access to mental health services.

By focusing on bridging gender disparities in the workforce and encouraging substantial legal and policy reforms, we seek to unveil the significant potential women hold to lead positive change—not only in the healthcare sector but also in the economy in general. Join the debate as we explore the pathways to fostering a society where women’s economic participation becomes a cornerstone in building a healthier and more prosperous Saudi Arabia.

Please join the Atlantic Council’s empowerME initiative on October 18th at 12 pm ET, 7 pm KSA.

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