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Whyise Founder & CEO Reem Khouri

Jordanian entrepreneur Reem Khouri is co-founder and CEO of Whyise. The company uses impact analytics software to give government and private sector clients real-time data analysis to boost their economic, social, and environmental returns.

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Listen to the latest episode of empowerME Conversations, a podcast featuring conversations with business and government leaders shaping the Middle East.

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IGNITING Women’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Saudi Arabia

A joint project of the Atlantic Council’s empowerME initiative, the US Mission to Saudi Arabia, the American Chamber of Commerce Saudi Arabia, and Quantum Leaps for US and Saudi entrepreneurs and business leaders


The final report of Middle East Strategy Task Force Co-Chairs Madeleine K. Albright and Stephen J. Hadley proposes nothing short of a paradigm shift in how the international community and the Middle East interact. Not only does the report suggest ways forward for the region’s most immediate crises in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya. It also puts forward a pragmatic and actionable long-term strategy that emphasizes the talent and aspirations of the people of the Middle East themselves, with an eye toward harnessing the region’s enormous human potential.

Four years after the Saudi reform program was unveiled, this study seeks to take a comprehensive look at the state of the Vision 2030 effort: What were the objectives of its creators, what has happened so far, to what extent are reforms advancing these initial objectives that the Saudi government set for itself, and what changes need to be enacted for reforms to succeed?

Atlantic Council Nonresident Fellow Jonathan Fulton’s report on Sino-Saudi relations begins with a brief historical overview, discusses how the partnership has developed, and ends with an analysis of the bi-lateral relationship within the context of the US-Sino Saudi triangle.




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Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East

The Atlantic Council’s work on social, economic and human development issues in the Middle East honors the legacy of Rafik Hariri and his life’s mission to unlock the human and economic potential of the Arab world.

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Event Recap

Oct 18, 2021

New opportunities for MENA women to plug into global commerce

By Stefanie H. Ali

Atlantic Council’s empowerME Initiative held a workshop on “Women in the global supply chain: The importance of increasing women's access.”

Economy & Business Entrepreneurship

empowerME Conversations

Sep 28, 2021

Transforming logistics

By Atlantic Council

In Season 2, Episode 1 of empowerME Conversations podcast, host and Atlantic Council empowerME Director Amjad Ahmad speaks with UPS President for Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, and Africa Jean-Francois Condamine about the e-commerce boom in the Middle East, promoting sustainability in the logistics industry, and empowering small and medium enterprises to become regional and global exporters.

Economy & Business Middle East


Sep 20, 2021

‘Investing in women is just good business’: Ways to increase funding for women-led ventures in the Middle East

By Stefanie H. Ali

On September 14, 2021 the Atlantic Council’s empowerME Initiative held a workshop on “Venture Capital Financing: How to Increase Funding for Women-led Ventures."

Middle East The Gulf


Sep 13, 2021

Defusing Saudi Arabia-UAE tensions through economic rebalancing

By Hani Findakly

By identifying the economic imbalances contributing to the breakdown, recalibration is possible to rebuild a more balanced relationship that circumvents the zero-sum game that has given rise to the Riyadh-Abu Dhabi dispute.


Aug 23, 2021

COVID-19 lockdown highlights policies to reduce pollution in Saudi Arabia

By Faisal Algosair and Abdulmohsen Almuhaisen

In March 2020, the Saudi government instituted a national lockdown for three months to prevent the proliferation of the coronavirus. These extraordinary circumstances provide the perfect experiment for policymakers and researchers to investigate whether daily human activities significantly affect pollution levels in an oil-exporting country like Saudi Arabia.

Energy & Environment Middle East


Aug 16, 2021

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 aims to empower the non-profit sector. Here are three areas to focus on.

By Ghadah W. Alharthi

The goals of Saudi’s Vision 2030 will require innovation on all fronts, and social entrepreneurship can be a leading driver of the country’s advancement once nurtured properly.

Middle East Politics & Diplomacy


Aug 2, 2021

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are economic frenemies. And that’s a good thing.

By Amjad Ahmad

Both Riyadh and Abu Dhabi have wisely made the economy the focal point of their strategies for the future, as evidenced by national policy changes and a reduction in foreign adventures. Ending the Qatar blockade, and opening a dialogue with adversarial neighbors like Iran and Turkey is linked to long-term economic ambitions.

Economy & Business Middle East


Jul 19, 2021

Women in Venture Capital: “We don’t need to fix women—we need to fix the system,” says Middle East investment executive

By Stefanie H. Ali

On July 14, 2021 the Atlantic Council’s empowerME Initiative held a workshop featuring a keynote fireside chat with Lazard Gulf Limited CEO Farah Foustok. Read the key takeaways.

Economy & Business Middle East

In the News

Jun 29, 2021

Saudi Gazette covered empowerME’s Igniting Women’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Saudi Arabia workshop

By Atlantic Council

Economy & Business Entrepreneurship


Jun 28, 2021

Princess Reema tells Saudi women entrepreneurs to dream big

By Stefanie H. Ali

On June 23, 2021 the Atlantic Council’s empowerME Initiative held a workshop featuring a keynote fireside chat with Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Her Royal Highness Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud, which was moderated by US Embassy Riyadh Chargé D’Affaires Martina Strong, and a panel discussion with Endeavor Saudi Arabia Managing Director Lateefa Alwaalan, 500 Startups MENA Partner Amal Dokhan, S&P Global Chief Public & Government Affairs Officer Courtney Geduldig, and UPS Vice President for Community Relations Esther Ndichu, which was moderated by empowerME Director and Resident Senior Fellow Amjad Ahmad.

Economy & Business Entrepreneurship