Assistant Undersecretary For Electricity, Water and Future Energy Affairs, Ministry of Energy and Industry, United Arab Emirates

H.E. Eng. Fatima Al-Foora Al-Shamsi is the assistant undersecretary for electricity, water and future energy affairs in the UAE Ministry of Energy and Industry. H.E. Eng. Al-Foora Al-Shamsi has a rich background ranging from electrical engineering, renewables, water, business development, and project management. She is member of the UAE Board of Climate Change and Environment, the UAE Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Committee, and head of the Emirates National Grid Planning and Operation Committee. H.E. Eng. Al-Foora Al-Shamsi has successfully led her team in developing the UAE Energy Strategy 2050, the UAE Water Security Strategy 2050, and is leading all activity related to energy security and the future of energy, energy and water productivity, the electricity and energy market, and power and water regulations and supervision. H.E. Eng. Al-Foora Al-Shamsi graduated from the United Arab Emirates University with a bachelor of science (honors) in electronics engineering, and an MBA (honors) in financial management.

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