Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

H.E. Eng. Hala Adel Al-Zawati is currently the minister of energy and mineral resources in Jordan. She has thirty years of diversified experience at the regional level in several sectors including public policy, energy, water, environment, information and communications technology and tourism. She began her career as a communications engineer and later served as an independent consultant with several international organizations including USAID, JICA, UNDP, EU GIZ and others.

Mrs. Hala was formerly the chief executive officer of the Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF), a non-profit organization that represents a group of Jordanian private sector companies that are proactively engaged in promoting Jordan’s economic growth.

She is also a well-known advocate and expert in the Jordanian renewable energy sector. As a founding member and Ex-CEO of EDAMA Association, she has led extensive campaigns and worked diligently to introduce and implement renewable energy (wind, solar, and solid waste) laws and regulations in Jordan. She also set the stage for several renewable energy projects under the King Abdullah Fund for Development (KAFD) when she served as the Fund’s renewable energy consultant.

Mrs. Al-Zawati also served as the renewable energy advisor for Umniah Telecommunications Company, Ahli Bank, Bank of Jordan and energy adviser for “Mubadarah,” a party represented in the Jordanian Parliament.

Mrs. Al-Zawati is an entrepreneur. She is the founder and managing partner of easyinfo, a Jordan-based company founded in 2004. It is the first content development company in the region specialized in developing content for cultural and tourist sites.

Mrs. Al-Zawati launched a voluntary initiative “WeRonline2,” which aimed at bridging the digital gap by training senior citizens (ages sixty-five and above) to use computers and online social networking tools. Mrs. Al-Zawati holds a BSc. in electrical engineering from Jordan University (1987) and a mini MBA from Instituto de Empressa in Spain (2007), and she has attended several advanced management and leadership courses from Harvard, Duke, and Thunderbird Universities. Mrs. Al-Zawati is a founding member of EDAMA association, a member of the board of trustees of Elia Nuqul Foundation, a board member of Amman Stock exchange, a board member of the Giving Society and the Jordanian Women Nahda Society.

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