President and Chief Executive Officer, SkyPower Global

Kerry Adler serves as SkyPower’s global president and chief executive officer. Since its founding in 2003, he has helped to propel SkyPower to become one of the largest and most innovative global renewable energy companies. Focused solely on the development of large-scale solar energy generation projects, SkyPower has activities in over thirty-five countries and across four continents around the world. Kerry also founded the company WebHelp Worldwide in 1999, which today employs over 60,000 employees in forty-nine countries. Kerry has over thirty-five years of experience across various sectors, including renewable energy, artificial intelligence, advanced logistics, software design, BPO-CRM, as well as design of advanced systems and processes. He also advocates around the world for climate change and climate action and advises several heads of state and other sustainability leaders. Over the past decade, Kerry has taken a very active role in advocating for climate action and has won numerous awards for that work, including the United Nations Global Entrepreneur of The Year, UN Global Compact Inaugural Pioneer for Climate Action, UN SDG Champion (SkyPower Global), among others. Kerry also serves as a board member or strategic advisor to numerous organizations, including the UAE Business Council, Canada GCC Advisory Council, Canada Africa Business Council, Canada Arab Business Council, World Economic Forum, and the International Economic Forum of the Americas. He is also a founding member of United Nations CFO Taskforce, ConvrtX, Can Water, WiConnect and Eccopia

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