Chief Executive Officer, Adelan; UK Champion, Mission Innovation

Dr. Michaela Kendall is chief executive officer of Adelan (Birmingham, UK), worked in the hydrogen economy for thirty years, and now runs one of the world’s earliest fuel cell businesses. Adelan works towards commercializing a clean energy technology she co-invented in the early 1990s. Dr. Kendall managed industrial research and development program at Adelan funded by the United States, European Union, and Chinese governments. She started as an environmental scientist tackling air pollution in London before building a career to address the energy trilemma: emissions, security and cost of energy. Faculty positions in the United States, Asia, and Europe enabled Dr. Kendall to work with powerful strategic policy networks and businesses at the US Environmental Protection Agency, the United Nations, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the Health Effects Institute, New York University, and UNIDO Hydrogen Centre in Istanbul, Turkey. She holds visiting professor positions at UK universities and is building a national UK fuel cell strategy that takes best practices from best policy making in the hydrogen fuel cell sector globally. Her goal is to build the widest international coalition to realize the ambitions of global hydrogen and fuel cell pioneers.

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