President and Chief Executive Officer, Lightbridge Corporation

Seth Grae leads Lightbridge Corporation’s efforts to develop nuclear fuel technology that will improve the safety and economics of existing and new power reactors. Lightbridge’s proprietary fuel technology promises to make nuclear power – a reliable source of carbon-free electricity – safer and more economical. Seth has led Lightbridge’s efforts to advise governments of countries seeking to start or expand nuclear power programs, from feasibility studies through procurement and operations. Lightbridge developed the United Arab Emirates’ strategic plan for commercial nuclear energy.  Lightbridge has since been engaged by governmental entities on critically important nuclear energy advisory matters. Seth positioned the company for the future by focusing revenues from the consulting business on developing its nuclear fuel technology. For Lightbridge’s international consulting work and nuclear fuel technology development, Seth leads the company’s recruitment of world-class experts. Lightbridge engineers invented the fuel and the fuel’s manufacturing method, and Lightbridge holds worldwide patents. Seth is a member of the US Commerce Secretary’s advisory committee on international trade issues facing the nuclear power industry and is a member of the board of directors of the Nuclear Energy Institute.

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