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Tue, Feb 9, 2021

Zarazinski in Hacker Noon: Venezuela is patient zero challenging the Western financial system with Bitcoin

Global sovereign currencies are regulated and mediated by central banks, with significant tracking and infrastructure capabilities to allow for secure currency transactions, to enforce government policy, and to monitor criminal behavior. These safeguards do not exist with cryptocurrencies, which enable peer-to-peer instantaneous and immutable blockchain transactions. The result: participants can sidestep American controlled transaction mechanisms. […]


Fri, Jan 1, 2021

Venezuela is Patient Zero Challenging The Western Financial System with Bitcoin

In the News by Adam Zarazinski

Americas Economy & Business

Born and raised outside Chicago, Adam spent nearly a decade in public service before becoming a tech entrepreneur. His public service work includes a stint at INTERPOL working in criminal intelligence, living in the Amazon to study the spread of disease among indigenous tribes with the World Health Organization, and four years as an active duty judge advocate with the US Air Force. As a JAG, Adam served as a prosecutor at Joint Base Andrews and as an intelligence and operational law attorney in Afghanistan. Adam is now the CEO of Inca Digital, a fintech company that provides data and analytics on the digital asset ecosystem to government agencies and financial institutions. Adam, his wife, and daughter live in Washington, DC.