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The future of ISIS

Online Event Experts discuss the legacy of ISIS detainees and returnees, as well as strategies against a potential resurgence in Iraq and Syria.

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Mon, Dec 14, 2020

Peek in National Interest: Battleground Iraq: The power of Iran’s coalition rests on its Influence in Iraq

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Thu, Oct 8, 2020

The Shia are a black hole for US policy in the Middle East

The US government's public engagement work has not caught up with the new focus on Iran. In other words, the US lacks virtually any engagement with the Shia body politic.

MENASource by Andrew L. Peek

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Wed, Aug 26, 2020

Four takeaways from Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s visit

Washington must compete in the gray zone, for partial victory, with all the tools at its disposal. This visit was a good start.

MENASource by Andrew Peek

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Andrew L. Peek is a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.  He was previously the Senior Director for European and Russian Affairs at the National Security Council and the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iran and Iraq at the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs.  In these roles Peek was involved with the most critical elements of US foreign policy, including the reimposition of Iran sanctions, Iraqi political engagement, American detainee recovery, Russian election interference, and ceasefire negotiations with Turkey.  Before joining the State Department Peek had been a predoctoral fellow at the University of Texas’s Clements Center while finishing his doctorate with Eliot Cohen at the Johns Hopkins School of International Studies.  Peek had applied to SAIS during active duty as a U.S. Army intelligence officer in Afghanistan, where Peek served as a special advisor for the Commander’s Initiatives Group of General John Allen in Afghanistan.  He had been requested for this role by Allen’s predecessor, General David Petraeus, and handled the intelligence, special operations, and Pakistan portfolios for the commander.  He also served as a reserve intelligence officer for US special operations forces.

Peek also served as the foreign affairs advisor for two U.S. Senators, whose legislation focused on Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, the Caucasus, and eastern Europe.  He graduated from Princeton University with High Honors in 2003 and the Harvard Kennedy School in 2005, where he was a course assistant for Dr. Graham Allison.

He is currently nearing completion of his dissertation, which focuses on the proxy wars of Iran, Russia, and Pakistan.