United Kingdom

Andrew Marshall was the senior vice president of Engagement for the Atlantic Council. He led the Council’s media, digital, and editorial efforts, and coordinates the way the Council talks with its key communities.

Andrew spent fifteen years working as a reporter and editor for the Financial Times and the Independent, in Brussels, London and Washington, and on reporting assignments around the world. He worked on strategy and business development for a leading risk and security company, based in London and New York, working on projects in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Most recently he was VP for Communications at the Wilson Center and worked on marketing and communications for the ONE Campaign, an advocacy group.

Andrew writes regularly and has done media on current affairs. He is co-author, with Mathew Horsman, of After the Nation-State, a book about globalization. He comes from London in the United Kingdom, and was educated at Oxford University. He lives in Washington DC.