Charlie Shandil is a Millennium fellow at the Atlantic Council and an executive with the Australian public service where he has worked on consecutive prime ministers’ highest priorities across a range of issues including global governance, national security, immigration, and innovation. Currently, Shandil is the director of Five Eyes, where he deals with some of the world’s most pressing international- and national-security policy issues. In addition to his public service career, Shandil has held board positions in the non-profit sector dealing with international development and social justice. In testament to his achievements, Shandil was awarded the distinguished Chartered Accountants Leadership in Government Award by a panel of secretaries, the Macquarie Global Leadership Award for his contributions to the non-profit sector, and he was also named a 2020 Distinguished Young Alumni from his alma mater, the University of Queensland. Shandil’s achievements were also recognized internationally when, in 2019, he was appointed an Obama Foundation Leader (Asia Pacific).