Chase Thalheimer serves as an assistant director within the Global Energy Center, where his work focuses on the role of energy in addressing environmental, economic, and national security imperatives on a global scale.

Thalheimer supports the Global Energy Center’s work to accelerate clean energy transitions by fostering partnerships between the United States and developing countries. His focus lies in facilitating trade, developing foundational energy infrastructure, and deploying innovative technologies—from enhanced geothermal systems to smart grids—in regions striving to reduce carbon emissions. He takes a keen interest in South and Southeast Asia’s role in global energy dynamics and clean energy supply chains, using countries like Indonesia as case studies for exploring viable routes to decarbonization while reconciling energy security and economic growth imperatives in emerging markets.

In addition to his work on clean energy transitions, Thalheimer is interested in leveraging the energy transition to support proactive national security strategies and bolster the competitiveness of the United States and its partners on the global stage. Thalheimer studies how resource cooperation can frame strategic alliances, recognizing the critical role of energy and international collaboration in addressing shared global security and defense challenges. His efforts in this space also include supporting the Veterans Advanced Energy Project, an initiative that seeks to empower military veterans to contribute their skills and expertise to the clean energy sector.

Prior to joining the Council, Thalheimer worked at Coalescion, supporting counterproliferation and export control capacity building programs in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in international relations from Tufts University where he completed his capstone project on the security and proliferation implications of small modular reactors intended for civilian energy use.