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Wed, Jan 8, 2020

After Maduro’s latest ploy, what’s next for the Venezuelan opposition?

"The images of Juan Guaidó and other democratically-elected members of the National Assembly being physically barred from entering the assembly building was visible proof of how far Nicolás Maduro is willing to go to deny any semblance of democracy in Venezuela," Jason Marczak says.

New Atlanticist by Jasper Gilardi

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Thu, Sep 12, 2019

Russia’s intervention in Venezuela: What’s at stake?

Venezuela is suffering one of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in recent memory, Russia has become a key actor that has provided a lifeline of support to Maduro and his cronies. Today, Russia’s efforts to prop up Nicolás Maduro have been a relatively low-cost, but high-reward strategy for Moscow to sow further instability in the United States' own hemisphere.

Report by John E. Herbst and Jason Marczak

Democratic Transitions Economic Sanctions

Diego Area is an associate director in the Adrienne Arsht Latin American Center where he leads the Venezuelan portfolio. He joined the Council in December 2018, previously working as a researcher at the Graduate School of Political Management at the George Washington University. Before being forced to leave Venezuela, Diego was director of social development in the municipality of Sucre where he oversaw a team of 300 employees. Additionally, he served as campaign manager in the 2015 parliamentary elections in the State of Miranda in Venezuela, holding a similar role in more than ten electoral and advocacy campaigns. Diego is a graduate candidate in political management at the George Washington University and earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the Universidad Central de Venezuela.