Dominique Carter, PhD, is a Millennium fellow at the Atlantic Council and an award-winning scientist, science diplomat, and entrepreneur. Recently named among Cell Mentor’s one thousand inspiring black scientists in America, Carter currently serves as the Assistant Director for Agricultural Sciences, Innovation, and Workforce for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), where she provides policy advice and leadership in the agricultural and life sciences space. In this role, Carter leverages her understanding of the agricultural enterprise to maximize innovation in the agricultural and bioeconomy industries, and to provide high-quality scientific advice to decision makers. Over the course of her early career, Carter has contributed to the development of a diverse, globally engaged workforce by supporting international research activities for science and engineering students. A Chicago native, Carter attained her BS in chemistry from Saint Norbert College and her PhD in microbiology and bioengineering from the Medical College of Wisconsin. She is an alumna of the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship and former US State Department Global Innovation Fellow.