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Thu, Apr 23, 2020

Why the Netherlands opposed unconditional European coronavirus aid

Southern European calls for northern solidarity should be backed up with a quest for greater empathy in countries like the Netherlands. As long as the Dutch public remain largely unaware of the plight of southern Europe—as well as ignorant of the geopolitical consequences of too much fiscal rigidity—the current clash may only be a prelude to a much larger battle.

New Atlanticist by Dr. Elmar Hellendoorn

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Dr. Elmar Hellendoorn is a Nonresident Senior Fellow in the Global Economy and Business Program and the Future Europe Initiative. He provides strategic advice and insight on the nexus of geopolitics, global markets, and technology. For over a decade, he was an – inside and outside – advisor across the Netherlands’ Government, where he pioneered economic security as a policy theme.

In parallel to his advisory role, Dr. Hellendoorn worked a researcher at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center, the NATO Defence College, the European University Institute, the Clingendael Institute, and at Utrecht University. He holds a PhD in history; his doctoral research focused on how the interaction of nuclear technology, strategy, and Euro-American diplomacy led to the Atlantic nuclear order in the Cold War. He holds two MA degrees in the history of international relations and European integration from the College of Europe in Bruges and Utrecht University (cum laude).

He has widely published in international outlets, including the Washington Post, the Denver Post, The Diplomat, The National Interest, and Limes, and in most Dutch newspapers. He has also appeared as a commentator on television and radio. Dr. Hellendoorn speaks six languages (NL, EN, FR, ES, IT, GE) and has lived across Europe and in the USA.