As an entrepreneur, faith leader, and political advisor, Eric Sapp has spent his career supporting communities all over the world in their efforts to promote the common good.  In recent years, he has become a nationally-recognized leader in the “Data for Good” movement and helped pioneer breakthroughs in empathy-based machine learning and more meaningful AI.  

Eric serves as president of the certified B Corp, Public Democracy, a data creation and market intelligence company.  Public Democracy’s award-winning Values Data and PII-free behavioral modeling and moment-based digital engagement strategies were built to fulfill its mission of aligning “what is right with what works” and developing data and technologies that better support and share value with the people.    

Eric directed Public Democracy’s nationally recognized campaigns supporting veterans with severe PTSD, breaking barriers of racial bias by developing best-in-class representative clinical recruiting tools, uniting ideologically diverse communities in support of bipartisan policy solutions, supporting victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, informing investment strategies in low-income urban and rural communities nationwide through a partnership with the US Census, and developing COVID tracking models that resulted in his inclusion in the White House COVID-19 Data and Research Task Force.   

Eric graduated from Davidson College and earned a Master of Divinity and a Master of Public Policy from Duke University. He lives in northern Virginia with his wife and their son and daughter.