Hussein Al Baya is a Millennium fellow at the Atlantic Council and the founder of Wildcard Partners, a growth equity investment firm focused on partnering with companies in the technology sector globally. Prior to Wildcard, Al Baya was a principal at the Blackstone Group, where he helped build and launch the firm’s Impact Investing Platform that was focused on investing in growth-stage companies whose products or services addressed major societal and environmental challenges.

Prior to Blackstone, Al Baya worked at a number of investment firms, including at Valinor Management and as a principal at Sageview Capital, a growth private equity firm founded by former senior partners at KKR. He started his investing career in New York as an analyst in the Principal Investment Area of Goldman Sachs, and following his graduation from business school, worked as an associate at Bain Capital in Boston.

Al Baya received a bachelor of science, with university and college honors, from Carnegie Mellon University, has attended the London School of Economics, and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is also a term member at the Council on Foreign Relations and serves as a senior advisor to McKinsey & Co.