Jeff Frazier is a senior advisor at the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center and serves as chief operating officer of Pryon, Inc, a leading enterprise AI firm. In addition, Frazier serves on the board of directors and advisory boards for technology companies operating in the internet of things (IOT), advanced encryption, and artificial intelligence markets. Frazier is an advisor to Digital Alpha Advisors, a private equity firm.

Previous to his early stage company and board leadership, Frazier was the managing director of the Office of the Executive Chairman for Cisco, Inc, where he led Cisco’s Country Digitization initiatives. Previous, he led Microsoft’s worldwide public sector $8.5B dollar business. This included worldwide government, national security, and international organizations such as World Bank, United Nations, and European Union. Prior to Microsoft, Frazier was the managing senior director of the global public sector for Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group’s (IBSG), Cisco’s strategic consulting arm.

Specifically, Frazier is a technology executive with twenty-plus years in the international business community with a background in international business, distinguished public service, and an innovation focus on the public markets. He is a six-time speaker at the Public Services Summit at Nobel, facilitator, guest speaker, and author.

Frazier brings broad experience and industry knowledge to any organization. Prior to joining the commercial markets, he held various public sector leadership positions within municipal and federal governments. As an FBI leader, Frazier administered a congressionally-funded international portfolio.

Frazier has served on many public boards and commissions. In addition to his current board leadership, he is a former board member for the International Affairs Council (IAC), councilmember to the NC Governor’s Innovation Council, NC Governor’s China Advisory Council, and was an appointed member of the United Nations International Police Advisory Council (UN-IPAC). Frazier is an active participant at the Aspen Institute and the Global Initiative for Transnational Organized Crime.

Frazier was a delegate to Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government: Senior Executive Fellow (SEF) and Senior Executives in State and Local Government, a fellow of the NC Institute of Political Leadership, and a 2012 Eisenhower Fellow (2013 Douglas Dillon Fellow distinction).

A native Californian, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Science degree. Currently, he resides in Cary, North Carolina.