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Thu, May 27, 2021

Banning Bitcoin is a bad idea

There are numerous debates raging about whether Bitcoin is good, bad, or ugly. But the sweeping suggestion to outlaw Bitcoin raises troubling questions about Americans' bedrock freedoms.

New Atlanticist by JP Schnapper-Casteras

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Fri, Feb 19, 2021

How Janet Yellen can help deliver the digital dollar

What precisely will the US Treasury Department do about the rise of digital currencies? Secretary Yellen and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell should quickly harness the potential of these evolving financial tools, including a US-backed digital dollar.

New Atlanticist by Josh Lipsky, JP Schnapper-Casteras

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JP Schnapper-Casteras is a nonresident senior fellow with the GeoEconomics Center, focusing on financial technology, central bank digital currency, and cryptocurrency. JP is the founder and managing partner of Schnapper-Casteras, PLLC, a boutique law firm that advises technology companies, non-profits, and individuals about cutting-edge regulatory issues, litigation, and compliance. Previously, he worked on a broad array of constitutional and civil cases as Special Counsel for Appellate and Supreme Court Advocacy to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and in the appellate practice of Sidley Austin LLP. 

JP’s speaking engagements include Harvard Law School, NYU Law, Northwestern Law, Georgetown University Law Center, American Bar Association, and American Law Institute. He has published in outlets such as The Washington Post, Politico, FinTechPolicy, Bloomberg Law, Harvard Law Review Blog, Harvard Kennedy School Review, SCOTUS Blog, Defense One, and World Affairs Journal. He is the chairman of the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice and a trustee emeritus of the American University of Iraq.

JP clerked on the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit as well as on the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. He holds a JD from Stanford Law School, an MPP from Harvard Kennedy School, and an MA and BA with Honors from Stanford University.