Kate Manahan is a Millennium fellow at the Atlantic Council and the head of reward and talent enablement at Bridgewater Associates, responsible for employee benefits, compensation programs, employee wellness, workforce analytics, job architecture, and performance management. She was also part of the firm’s COVID-19-response team. Manahan has led large-scale changes within human resources aimed at ensuring Bridgewater’s talent systems are best in class and designed to support a diverse population. Prior to that, she had a lead role in Bridgewater’s firm-wide Diversity and Inclusion Initiative and co-leads Bridgewater’s Women’s Network. In addition to her work at Bridgewater, she serves on the board of Five Frogs, whose mission is to build a movement of diverse, representative future leaders. Manahan is a graduate of Boston College with a BA in economics and a minor in women’s studies. She previously worked for the Joint Committee on Community Development and Small Businesses for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.