Katherine Walla is the associate director of editorial at the Atlantic Council. With six years of experience in journalism and editing, both at think tanks and newspapers, she has dedicated her burgeoning career to highlighting the ideas of the most innovative doers and top intellectual experts. Most recently, she was the communications coordinator for Food Tank, a non-profit think tank focused on improving nutrition and sustainability globally. There, she led and edited a team of writers, managed a biweekly podcast and weekly newsletter, and hosted a two-day summit featuring the top thinkers and leaders in the food system. As a loyal Vermonter, Walla once worked at the Manchester Journal, helping increase the Journal’s online presence and compiling the town’s history into a weekly column called “Bound Volumes.”

Prior to her roles at the Atlantic Council and at Food Tank, Walla graduated from Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service with a degree in international relations, focusing on culture and politics. There, she dedicated her time to serving her community as a brother of Alpha Phi Omega’s Mu Alpha chapter, where she was awarded the Distinguished Service Key, and as a member of the Dog Tag Bakery team, helping veterans, military spouses, and caregivers find renewed purpose.