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Thu, Oct 22, 2020

Nikhil Raghuveera: Mission-driven cryptocurrency requires an active commitment to equity

"For cryptocurrency to meaningfully move “the needle on large global challenges,” as Armstrong writes, the underlying causes of inequality must be addressed. And while mission-driven cryptocurrency organizations cannot expect to do this alone, they have an important role to play in developing and directing their products to be used in the service of addressing the underlying problems. Those who declare they’re on a social mission inevitably sign themselves up for this challenge."

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Sun, Sep 6, 2020

#GoodTechChoices: Addressing past and current racism in tech and data

This article examines what the data and tech communities can do about racism, specifically instances where tech products and services provide different treatment based on how people present, specifically their skin color, names, and other markers of not being what 'white' which is a term loaded with both non-inclusive and unjust connotations.

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Thu, Jul 30, 2020

Nikhil Raghuveera in Cointelegraph: China and US must learn from one another and collaborate on Central Bank Digital Currency

Mr. Nikhil Raghuveera, a GeoTech Center Nonresident Fellows, was recently featured as a guest author in Cointelegraph, a digital publication focused on the future of money. In his article, Mr. Raghuveera discussed Central Bank Digital Currencies in continuation of his previous research for the Atlantic Council.

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Nikhil Raghuveera is a nonresident fellow at the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center and a Project Manager at the Equal Justice Initiative. His research focuses on the intersection of technology, social inequality, and systems of oppression.

Previously, Nikhil was an economic consultant at Cornerstone Research and founded Telos Analysis, an organization which paired pro bono consultants to international nonprofits. He has also served on the Board of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and supported the nonprofit’s work on racial and economic justice. More recently, Nikhil worked on Celo, a crypto fintech platform aiming to bring financial services to unbanked communities across the world. Additionally, he has experience in venture capital at Harlem Capital Partners, an early-stage venture capital fund focusing on minority and women founders in the United States.

Nikhil graduated with an MBA/MPA from The Wharton School and the Harvard Kennedy School. In graduate school, he focused his studies on racial justice, social movements, and technology policy. At Harvard, he was involved with the Economic Diplomacy Initiative, in which he studied the future of digital currency and geopolitics. He also served as an Associate Editor of The Citizen, the official newspaper of the Harvard Kennedy School. At Wharton, Nikhil was the Co-President of the Wharton Social Impact Club. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Political Science from Emory University where he wrote his senior thesis on how political violence can be used to create the conditions for democracy.