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Thu, Mar 25, 2021

COVID vaccines: India and China’s new diplomatic currency

If the United States truly wants to return to the world stage, as the Biden administration has promised, its diplomatic outreach must extend beyond its core allies. Vaccine diplomacy may be the best way for the United States to do just that.

New Atlanticist by Nitya Biyani, Niels Graham

China Coronavirus

Fri, Mar 19, 2021

Happy St Pats to Ireland: Boom, bust, and recovery for Europe’s most resilient

This week, the Atlantic Council’s GeoEconomics Center dressed in green and took a moment to reflect on the Irish economy, one of the most resilient in the European Union.

EconoGraphics by GeoEconomics Center

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Wed, Mar 10, 2021

How much money is the G20 spending?

Our new fiscal firepower heat map, updated through December, shows how G20 COVID-19 crisis spending now compares to the Global Financial Crisis. While nearly every country is deploying its fiscal firepower significantly more than a decade ago, China is still spending less.

EconoGraphics by GeoEconomics Center

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Nitya Biyani is the program assistant for the GeoEconomics Center. In this capacity, she supports a broad range of publications and programming designed to underscore the importance of policymaking that lies at the intersection of economics, foreign policy, and national security. She also helps produce content for the Econographics Blog.

Biyani holds a bachelor degree from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, where she studied political and economic development with a focus on the Middle East and South Asia. She was born and raised in Bombay, India.