Olena Sotnyk is a 2022 Atlantic Council Millennium fellow. She is a Ukrainian politician, lawyer, and human-rights defender and currently serves as adviser to the deputy prime minister of Ukraine. Sotnyk’s work primarily focuses on the European integration of Ukraine, Euro-Atlantic integration, advocacy for the humanitarian rights of Ukraine abroad, preventing and mitigating consequences of sexual violence from Russian soldiers in the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine, and preventing the genocide of Ukrainians.

As a former member of the Ukrainian Parliament, Sotnyk is a well-known legislator and public policy maker in areas such as rule of law, judicial-system reform, anti-corruption, and youth policy.

Sotnyk also represents Ukraine in the international arena and is one of the leading voices of Ukrainians against Russian aggression. She holds prominent positions in the working bodies of several international organizations including the Council of Europe and focuses on issues including the European integration of Ukraine and female empowerment.

Prior to her political career, Sotnyk was a lawyer and served on the board of the Ukrainian Bar Association and Aspen Ukraine Alumni. She has degrees in law, economy, and psychology.