Dr. Olgu Okumuş works in the Middle East and North Africa for implementing energy and development projects in collaboration with international institutions and countries. She provides support on policy and finance strategies in the fields of energy and climate change to supranational, national, and local authorities. She is currently serving as a senior-level consultant for European Commission-funded initiatives.

Prior to her consulting work, Dr. Okumuş served as the head of energy affairs for the Secretariat of the Union of the Mediterranean, a position where she oversaw efforts across a wide range of policy effort lines throughout the Mediterranean region. In 2016, she earned her doctorate in sociology at Sciences Po Paris where she has also been an adjunct professor. Her thesis dealt with Turkey’s policymaking strategy during negotiations regarding the southern energy corridor project.

Dr. Okumuş’s work has appeared in Al-Monitor, Al Jazeera and Oil Price. She has most recently contributed to an edited volume on energy management in cities published by the Barcelona Center for International Affairs (CIDOB) and Sciences Po Paris. She speaks Turkish, French, English, and Spanish.