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Please join the Atlantic Council IN TURKEY on Friday, October 9, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. Turkey time, 9:30 a.m. EDT for the virtual launch of our report: Value Beyond Price: Prioritizing Political Stability and Regional Integration When Financing Eastern Mediterranean Gas.

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During a global pandemic that threatens not only the region but also the energy sector itself, the Eastern Mediterranean region is facing unsettling tensions. These tensions are based on a variety of factors, but are motivated mainly by recently discovered and yet to be commercialized natural gas resources. In Value Beyond Price: Prioritizing Political Stability and Regional Integration When Financing Eastern Mediterranean Gas, a new report published by Atlantic Council’s Turkey program “the Atlantic Council IN TURKEY”, we explore the energy issues in the Eastern Mediterranean, analyzing the geopolitical linkages, financial constraints, and social and historical backgrounds and navigating the complex tensions and challenges.

The author, Atlantic Council Nonresident Senior Fellow Dr. Olgu Okumuş argues that economic development projects must take into account geopolitical rivalries as a reality in determining how to leverage East Med gas, rather than simply hoping that economic potential will override existential political conflicts.  In this context, this paper argues for greater mutual understanding, and the exploration of methodologies that will enhance regional integration as the most sustainable form of conflict-prevention policy. It also suggests including this effort in the feasibility study of major energy investment projects.  

To make this possible, this report proposes mobilizing the power of multilateral dialogue platforms and international development banks.

Through a webinar to launch our new report, the Atlantic Council IN TURKEY will discuss the Eastern Mediterranean natural gas landscape and implications of the report with leading experts and officials from across the region.

Eastern Mediterranean Perspectives

The Atlantic Council draws upon a talented network of experts to deliver diverse perspectives on the role of transatlantic cooperation in resolving geopolitical, economic, and energy security issues in the Eastern Mediterranean. The programming and the published products provide a platform for a broad range of viewpoints on how to create regional stability and integration, as well as boost economic development in the region. Multiple Atlantic Council programs, including the Atlantic Council IN TURKEY Program, Global Energy Center, Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative, and Future Europe Initiative are engaged in navigating theses complex tensions and challenges.


Welcoming remarks by

Defne Sadıklar Arslan
Director, Atlantic Council IN TURKEY
Atlantic Council

Report presentation by

Olgu Okumuş
Nonresident Senior Fellow
Atlantic Council IN TURKEY


Richard L. Morningstar
Founding Chairman, Global Energy Center
Atlantic Council

Olgu Okumuş
Nonresident Senior Fellow
Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Mithat Rende
Former Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Turkey to the OECD


Matthew J. Bryza
Senior Fellow, Global Energy Center, Atlantic Council
Former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia

Closing remarks by

Damon Wilson
Executive Vice President
Atlantic Council

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