The only child of immigrant parents, Pete Seat is a former White House spokesman, nationally-recognized political commentator, author, Millennial generation expert and Council on Foreign Relations Term Member. Previously the executive director of strategic communications and talent development at The Indiana Republican Party, Pete Seat has published columns on domestic and international issues in outlets including POLITICO,, and Newsweek; appeared as a guest on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and NewsMax TV programs over 100 times; delivered lectures on communications and media at the University of Illinois-Chicago, Purdue University, and other campuses; and authored the book, The War on the Millennials. Career highlights include serving as communications director on the historic 106-day campaign of Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb; being communications director on former U.S. Senator, and former Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats’ successful 2010 campaign for Senate; and serving as deputy assistant press secretary to President George W. Bush in The White House, where Pete worked alongside Tony Snow and Dana Perino and traveled to twenty-three countries with the president.