US Army Veteran | Dallas, Texas

Robert Hayward is the chief operating officer of Chem-Energy Corporation based out of Orange County where he is facilitating the company’s corporate move from California to Texas and transitioning the company’s focus from oil and gas/refinery development to commercial renewable energy development efforts, leading with economic development and cross-sector collaboration. He is a member of the Texas Advisory Committee of the United States Leadership Global Coalition, a 2019 Carnegie New Leader of the Carnegie Council of Ethics and International Affairs, and a member of the Truman National Security Project.

Robert previously served as a US Army aviation officer, reaching the rank of Major where he served as a commander in combat on three occasions in Iraq and Afghanistan, earning the bronze star. As a Lieutenant, he served as the flight detachment commander for the President of the United States and the 4th Infantry Division Commander, while stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. Robert earned his BS and commission from Grambling State University as a distinguished military graduate and is currently engaged in his PhD studies in public administration with a focus on public
finance and economic development at the University of North Texas.