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Dec 8, 2020

Spotlight: The Biden-Harris Administration and the future of supply chains in the Americas

By Juan Carlos Baker, Maurice Bellan, Christina Conlin, Kerry Contini, Reagan Demas, Ildefonso Guajardo, Landon Loomis, Jason Marczak, Manuel Padrón-Castillo, Anne Petterd, Shunko Rojas, Lisa Schroeter, Alison J. Stafford Powell, Joyce Smith, Jennifer Trock, Omar Vargas, Carlos Alberto Vela-Treviño

The month of November 2020 marked a turning point for the United States as voters cast their ballots at rates not recently seen in a US election. The historic race saw around 65 percent of the voting population in the United States participating, the highest in more than one hundred years. With three hundred and […]

Economy & Business Latin America

New Atlanticist

Apr 3, 2020

The coronavirus infodemic in Latin America will cost lives

By Roberta Braga and Diego Area

Disinformation and misinformation, especially circulating within the biggest economy in Latin America (Brazil) and the country with the worst man-made humanitarian crisis in the hemisphere (Venezuela), can foment national catastrophes that will be felt well beyond the realms of the online information space and national borders.

Brazil Coronavirus


Mar 28, 2019

Disinformation in democracies: Strengthening digital resilience in Latin America

By Luiza Bandeira, Donara Barojan, Roberta Braga, Jose Luis Peñarredonda, Maria Fernanda Pérez Argüello

2018 saw political tides turn in three of Latin America’s largest democracies. These elections also saw deep polarization and distrust in institutions among Brazilians, Mexicans, and Colombians in an information environment ripe with disinformation. And while disinformation and misinformation are nothing new, the spread of false information at alarming rates – facilitated by politicians, non-state […]

Disinformation Latin America

Roberta Braga was Deputy Director for Programs and Outreach at the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center, where she implemented the Center’s initiatives to influence policy and impact the public debate on a range of Latin American issues; coordinated development and implementation of community outreach and engagement strategies; and played a leading role in developing the intellectual framework for advancing the Council’s mission and Latin American programming through written work, convenings, media engagement, and speaking opportunities within and outside the Council.

Over her four years at the Council, Roberta led projects on Brazil, disinformation and misinformation in elections, trade integration, and energy in Latin America. Roberta co-led the Center’s #AlertaVenezuela and #ElectionWatch Latin America projects focused on exposing disinformation in and around Venezuela and around elections in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, respectively; launched the Center’s work on deepening US-Brazil trade and foreign direct investment; and executed projects on NAFTA’s (now USMCA) impact on energy supply chains.

Braga previously worked as a strategic communications analyst at the US Department of Homeland Security, and at Promega Corporation, an international biotechnology firm headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. She has been published in major media outlets and provides English- and Portuguese-language commentary on political and economic issues in Latin America, including for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Financial Times, Axios, Brazil’s O Globo and Folha de S.Paulo, among others. Originally from Brazil, she is a native Portuguese- and English-speaker, and fluent in Spanish.