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Fri, Apr 2, 2021

Rapid response: President Biden’s American Jobs Plan

Released on March 31, the Biden-Harris administration’s massive infrastructure plan, called the American Jobs Plan, is hugely ambitious. The proposal does not just look to fix crumbling US infrastructure, it aims to transform the US economy, simultaneously addressing climate change, unemployment, and historic inequities.

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Tue, Mar 2, 2021

Advancing US-ROK cooperation on nuclear energy

Although nuclear power is a key component in US and South Korean electricity generation, the nuclear energy industry in both countries is struggling. Research and development, bilateral trade, and the sale of nuclear energy technologies to third countries represent opportunities for bilateral cooperation that will strengthen both country’s nuclear energy industries.

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Fri, Feb 19, 2021

How a HALEU bank could work

Lack of a long-term, reliable source of high-assay low-enriched uranium (HALEU) fuel represents a critical risk to the deployment of advanced reactors, which could be a key source of carbon-free electricity in the future. However, a HALEU fuel bank could resolve the conundrum facing advanced reactor developers and potential HALEU fuel suppliers by supporting the production of HALEU for advanced reactors and resolving the uncertainty faced by reactor developers and their potential customers and sources of financing.

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Stephen S. Greene is a former energy and finance executive with extensive experience in commercial and policy issues related to energy. Most recently, he served in senior finance roles, including as chief financial officer for Centrus Energy, a public company engaged in the sale of nuclear fuel and the development of nuclear enrichment technology. He led strategy for Progress Energy, an investor-owned electric utility, and served as practice-area leader for the consultant Pace Global Energy focused on energy markets and risk management. He arranged project financing for PG&E National Energy Group (US Generating Company), a leading independent-power developer and energy trader, and subsequently developed the company’s power market outlook to support project development. Early in his career, he worked at the US Environmental Protection Agency on air-pollution rules. He holds a masters in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and a BA in physics from Princeton University.