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Fri, Oct 9, 2020

Rodriguez in Defense News: Crossing the “valley of death”

On October 9, Defense News published an article written by Atlantic Council Nonresident Senior Fellow Stephen Rodriquez. Rodriquez argues that, in public-private partnerships, crossing the "valley of death" requires a stepladder rather than a bridge. Through measured steps, companies can transition from pilot programs to larger engagements in government contracting.

In the News by Atlantic Council

Defense Industry United States and Canada

Tue, Jul 14, 2020

Allen and Rodriquez in Foreign Policy: The US government needs to regulate social media

Army intelligence officer T.S. Allen and Scowcroft Center Senior Advisor Stephen Rodriguez argue that Washington has a unique responsibility to protect social media and prevent election interference.

In the News by Stephen Rodriguez

Cybersecurity Disinformation

Mon, Jul 13, 2020

Rodriquez quoted in Wall Street Journal: Pentagon’s acting tech chief is a “trusted agent” of the administration

Scowcroft Center Senior Advisor Stephen Rodriguez discusses the implications of Michael Kratsios' transition to Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering.

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Cybersecurity Defense Policy

Stephen Rodriguez is a senior advisor in the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security. Mr. Rodriguez is the founder of One Defense, an agile network of market leading, non-traditional technology companies, venture capital firms and research universities dedicated to scouting advanced software and hardware applications and enabling their transition into the national security enterprise. He has also served as a Venture Partner supporting the above-market venture portfolio performance of SineWave Ventures, Scout Ventures and Abundance Partners.

Mr. Rodriguez began his career at Booz Allen Hamilton shortly before 9/11 supporting their National Security practice. In his capacity as an expert on game theoretic applications, he supported the United States Intelligence Community and DOD as the lead architect for the Thor’s Hammer, Schriever II/III and Cyber Storm wargames. He subsequently was a Vice President at a artificial intelligence company (Sentia Group) and served as Chief Marketing Officer for an international defense corporation (NCL Holdings).

Mr. Rodriguez serves on the Board of CENSA, DMGS, HighSide, ODL Services, Omelas, Public Spend Forum, Training Leaders International, Uniken, Vantage Robotics, and WarOnTheRocks. He is also Senior Advisor at the Atlantic Council and the Asymmetric Warfare Chair at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Mr. Rodriguez received his B.B.A degree from Texas A&M University and an M.A. degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. He is published in Foreign Policy, WarOnTheRocks, National Review, and RealClearDefense. Notably, his graduate thesis on conflict resolution in the Caucasus resulted in an invitation to join incoming Secretary of Defense Robert Gates transition team in late 2006.

Mr. Rodriguez resides in Washington D.C. with his wife, Laura, a venture capitalist with Bulldog Innovation Group and their children, Fletcher and Violet.