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Thu, Aug 5, 2021

Getting from commitment to content in AI and data ethics: Justice and explainability

There is widespread awareness among researchers, companies, policy makers, and the public that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data raises challenges involving justice, privacy, autonomy, transparency, and accountability.

Report by John Basl, Ronald Sandler, and Steven Tiell

Digital Policy Future of Work

Wed, Apr 7, 2021

Event recap | Digital identity

An episode of the GeoTech Hour focusing on the concept of digital identity, and how it can eliminate barriers and promote inclusion.

Event Recap by the GeoTech Center

Digital Policy Technology & Innovation

Wed, Feb 24, 2021

Event recap | Synthetic data, privacy, and the future of trust

A live GeoTech Hour where panelists discussedartificial intelligence and how to address the legal and ethical privacy concerns associated with synthetic data.

Event Recap by the GeoTech Center

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Steven is a nonresident senior fellow with the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center. He is an expert in data ethics and responsible innovation working at Accenture, where he helps clients to integrate responsible product development practices and executives to manage risks brought on by digital transformation and widespread use of artificial intelligence. He founded the Data Salon Series, now a program at the GeoTech Center, in 2018. Since embarking on Data Ethics research in 2013, Steven has contributed to and published more than a dozen papers and has worked with dozens of organizations in high-tech, media, telecom, financial services, public safety, public policy, government, and defense sectors. He often speaks on topics such as governance, trust, data ethics, surveillance, deepfakes, and industry trends.

Much of Steven’s career has focused on leveraging technologies for impact in the public sector. Prior to Accenture, Steven led global programs for Cisco’s Connected Urban Development initiative and went on to lead the Smart+Connected Communities Institute. He has also led Product R&D for a digital media firm and started several entrepreneurial ventures. Earlier in his career, he designed and built public safety systems at Northrop Grumman and helped to operate one of the nation’s first nonprofit ISPs. He lives in San Francisco with his family and holds a B.S. in Computer Science, Information Systems and an MBA in Sustainable Management.