Steven Tiell is a nonresident senior fellow with the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center. He is a strategy executive with wide technology expertise and particular depth in data ethics and responsible innovation for artificial intelligence. Tiell has helped to build de facto public policy by helping the Monetary Authority of Singapore to write new regulatory guidance for fairness, ethics, accountability, and transparency. Since embarking on data ethics research in 2013, Tiell has contributed to and published more than a dozen papers and has consulted with dozens of organizations in advertising, defense, financial services, government, high-tech, media, public policy, public safety, and telecom industries. He often speaks on topics such as governance, trust, data ethics, synthetic media, misinformation and disinformation, and industry trends.

Much of Tiell’s career has focused on leveraging technologies for impact in the public sector. In addition to his fellowship at the Atlantic Council, he is the vice president for strategy at DataStax, a Unicorn database-as-a-service company with open-source technology and mindset at its core. Prior to DataStax, Tiell founded and led Accenture’s global data ethics and responsible innovation practice. While at Cisco, he led global programs for Connected Urban Development and went on to lead the Smart+Connected Communities Institute. He has also led product research and development for a digital media firm and started several entrepreneurial ventures. Earlier in his career, he designed and built public safety systems at Northrop Grumman and helped to operate one of the nation’s first nonprofit internet service providers. Tiell lives in San Francisco with his family and holds a BS in computer science engineering and information systems and an MBA in sustainable management.