Fri, May 15, 2020

Robert Manning in Foreign Policy on China’s control of the South China Sea

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Mon, Apr 27, 2020

Something is wrong with our bloody ships today

Something is wrong in the US Navy today and the problems are not only naval. Some extend throughout the Department of Defense.

New Atlanticist by Dr. Harlan Ullman

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IRGCN Vessels Conduct Unsafe, Unprofessional Interaction with U.S. Naval Forces in Arabian Gulf

Thu, Apr 23, 2020

Trump’s Twitter threat to destroy Iranian boats isn’t guidance

In a tweet on April 22, US President Donald Trump announced that he ordered the US Navy to destroy any Iranian boats harassing US warships. While the tweet may seem like new and escalatory guidance from the Commander in Chief to his forces in the region and an indication of a substantial increase in tensions between the United States and Iran, it is neither.

IranSource by Vice Admiral John Miller

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Tue, Apr 7, 2020

New British carriers can transform Europe’s NATO naval capabilities

In the wake of economic calamity, now is the perfect time for European militaries to work together to maximize their resources and military readiness. No better opportunity exists than to use HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales as hubs for a European carrier strike group.

New Atlanticist by Michael John Williams

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Mon, Mar 2, 2020

US should revive Lend-Lease to contain Russia

The Western world has repeatedly been caught out by each new phase of Vladimir Putin's hybrid war. Could a new Lend-Lease program for Central and Eastern Europe allow the West to regain the initiative from the Kremlin?

UkraineAlert by Stephen Blank

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Mon, Feb 24, 2020

Frandrup quoted in the National on naval operations in the Gulf area

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Fri, Dec 6, 2019

Bryza joins Al Jazeera to discuss the Turkey-Libya maritime boundary agreement and tensions in the Mediterranean

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Wed, Nov 20, 2019

Ukraine got its ships back but at what cost?

The press forgot something significant in its coverage. Yes, Ukraine has been calling for the return of these ships for months, and yes their status would have been a serious obstacle to peace talks, but the ships were illegally fired upon and seized while legally traveling in what should have been safe waters.

UkraineAlert by Doug Klain

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Tue, Oct 8, 2019

The United States needs Middle East partnerships, former US commander argues

The United States must continue to build its systems of alliances and partnerships across the Middle East, but Washington's change of policy toward the Syrian Kurds "will make it more difficult to build partnership in the future," General Joseph Votel said.

New Atlanticist by David A. Wemer

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Thu, Oct 3, 2019

Making sense of HOPE: Can Iran’s Hormuz Peace Endeavor succeed?

Since President Hassan Rouhani’s election in 2013, Iran has proposed the establishment of a regional dialogue forum at various international conferences, through articles in numerous platforms, and within official statements.

IranSource by Mehran Haghirian and Luciano Zaccara

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