For the Smarter Alliance Initiative, Tom Parkhouse, senior fellow with the Cyber Statecraft Initiative of the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security, and Leendert van Bochoven emphasize in “An Agenda for NATO-EU-Private Sector Cyber Collaboration,” that a secure cyber environment will encourage investment in the Euro-Atlantic area, increase competitiveness of Euro-Atlantic business, and promote export of Euro-Atlantic cyber security products
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To achieve this goal, they propose an agenda to reduce skepticism about the threats emanating through cyberspace, focus scarce resources on key activities that will foster confidence, and reduce the risk of political confusion either exacerbating a conflict situation or falling to address a growing threat.

Smarter Alliance Initiative

The Smarter Alliance Initiative was established in response to Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s call for NATO members to adopt a “smart defense” approach to leveraging scarce resources to develop and sustain capabilities necessary to meet current and future security challenges in an age of austerity. Working with recognized experts and former senior officials from Europe and the United States, the Atlantic Council and IBM have produced a set of policy-oriented briefs focused on NATO reform and cyber security, with the aim to provide thought leadership and innovative policy-relevant solutions for NATO’s continued organizational reform and role in cyber security.