In a new issue brief, “Beyond the Three Seas: A Strategy for Extending the 3SI Energy Security Vision to Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova,” Global Energy Center Senior Fellow for Energy Diplomacy David Koranyi outlines the importance of the Three Seas framework for Ukraine and Moldova, and the importance of these countries for the initiative. While not formally a part of The Three Seas framework, which aims to enhance north-south interconnections in energy, transportation, and communications, Ukraine and Moldova are crucial countries for European energy security and would benefit from enhanced interconnections in all three areas—namely energy.

The issue brief offers solutions for increasing stability and security in these countries, which would also help enhance stability and integration between these countries and their neighbors in the European Union. Koranyi explains the strategic rationale for enhanced cooperation on energy security between 3SI countries and Ukraine and Moldova, identifies priority infrastructure projects, and puts forward policy recommendations to facilitate implementation.

As Koranyi concludes, “Extending and solidifying the single European energy market to these countries also represents a unique opportunity to further the goal of European integration at a time when fully fledged EU enlargement may remain elusive.”