Deciding on an OSCE Summit

Nazarbayev OSCE

In the issue brief “Behind the Eight Ball: Deciding on an OSCE Summit,” co-authored by the Chairman of the task force, Senator Chuck Hagel, Patriciu Eurasia Center Director Ross Wilson, and Vice President and International Security Program Director Damon Wilson argue that the U.S. focus on Central Asia since 9/11 through the prism of the war in Afghanistan has distorted America’s relations in the region, undermined its integrated regional approach to Afghanistan and invited corruption and instability to spread to Kyrgyzstan.
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It is time for a new approach. This issue brief advocates a rejuvenated OSCE with enduring relevance in Central Asia and a prominent role in stabilizing Kyrgyzstan and supporting Afghanistan within the context of a comprehensive U.S. policy toward the region. To advance this strategy, Washington should embrace the idea of a substantive OSCE summit in 2010.

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