Libya and the United States: The Next Steps


Over the past several years, the Atlantic Council’s International Security Program has taken a position that, in due course, the United States’ adversarial relationships with countries, such as Libya, Iran, Syria, Cuba, and North Korea will eventually be restructured both in recognition of changes in the nature or policies of these difficult regimes, and in anticipation of a more cooperative dynamic with regard to shared problems. In the case of Libya, there has been a great deal of progress since 2004, but some issues and problems remain.

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Bruce St John’s paper examines the current state of U.S.-Libyan relations giving due credit to the vast improvement that has occurred while also noting remaining obstacles. To overcome these, he offers a set of suggestions on how the normalization process may be completed to mutual benefit.

The views expressed in this Issue Brief do not neccessarily reflect those of the Atlantic Council, which takes no institutional position on the topics and recommendations addressed.

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