“Strategically lonely” Iran exploits opportunities for regional influence

This issue brief, authored by South Asia Center Non-resident Senior Fellow Barbara Slavin, provides an overview of Iran’s regional role, examines its relations with Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and the Gulf, assesses the implications of recent Arab uprisings, and offers insights about the prospects for regional cooperation.

 The publication was launched at an event on March 25, 2011.

About the Iran Task Force

The Iran Task Force is co-chaired by Atlantic Council Chairman Senator Chuck Hagel and Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat. The Iran Task Force seeks to perform a comprehensive analysis of Iran’s internal political landscape, as well as its role in the region and globally, to assess whether there are any elements within the country and region that can build the basis for an improved relationship with the West and how these elements, if they exist, could be utilized by U.S. policymakers. The Task Force was launched in February of 2010 with support from the Ploughshares Fund.

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Iran Task Force Publications: 

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Iran Task Force Issue Brief Launches:

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