US-Brazil relations: A new beginning? How to strengthen the bilateral agenda

What should be on the agenda when President Rousseff comes to Washington on June 30?

A new Atlantic Council report launched today calls on the two Presidents to move beyond the usual working groups and outline an ambitious path forward. The Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center’s report, titled US-Brazil Relations: A New Beginning? How to Strengthen the Bilateral Agenda, offers five recommendations:

    1. Support investment competiveness by implementing a double taxation agreement.
    2. Eliminate trade barriers starting with facilitating trade in services and opening the doors to greater collaborating on clean energy and technology trade.
    3. Prioritize collaboration on technology and innovation by incentivizing dual-use technologies and scientific cooperation.
    4. Bolster technology cooperation and new investments in education
    5. Define a cornerstone political agreement that serves as the bedrock of the relationship.

Read the full, interactive report written by our Non-Resident Senior Brazil Fellow, Ricardo Sennes.

About the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center
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