Middle East Strategy Task Force Deputy Director Jessica Ashooh writes for The Hill on the dangers of ignoring Assad in the fight against ISIS in Syria:

Sara Vakhshouri, president of SVB Energy International, said scores of western oil industry officials are clamoring for this business. There would be huge competition but the right companies should be able to succeed.

“If you can bring the technology needed, it shouldn’t be tOn Aug. 16, Syrian government airstrikes targeted a public marketplace in Douma, a suburb of Damascus. Douma, around 11 miles outside of central Damascus, is about the distance of Bethesda, Maryland from the U.S. Capitol. Unlike areas farther north and east, there is no Islamic State presence in Douma. The town is primarily controlled by nationalist forces opposed to Assad, and who also reject the brutal vision of the Islamic State. Douma has been witness to some of the most ferocious fighting of the Syrian civil war as the Assad regime has tried—unsuccessfully—to snuff out the rebellion so close to the heart of its capital, through both air strikes and sieges.ugh,” Vakhshouri said.

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