Bloomberg Business highlights the Brent Scowcroft Center’s special event with United Kingdom Secretary of State for Defense Rt. Hon. Michael Fallon MP on the recently released UK Strategic Defense and Security Review:

Earlier in the day Mr Fallon addressed an audience at the Atlantic Council to deliver a speech entitled ‘Stronger Defence in a More Dangerous World’.

He spoke of the enduring and vital defence relationship between the UK and US and how it had been strengthened further by the SDSR and the recent Parliamentary vote to extend airstrikes into Syria.

Mr Fallon told the Council:

Our freedom was threatened by Nazi evil – and our nations united to defeat it, seventy years ago. Today it’s threatened by a new evil – Islamist fascism. This year we’ve seen its followers slaying innocent American people in a San Bernadino day care centre, French people socialising in Paris, and British tourists on a Tunisian beach.

To defeat this evil we require unity of purpose and a total cross government response.

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