CBS cites the Atlantic Council for hosting Secretary of State John Kerry and Senators John McCain and Chris Murphy at its two-day “Towards a Europe Whole and Free” conference:

Speaking at an event on the U.S. role in European security at the Atlantic Council Tuesday, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., defended his call for the U.S. to give some sort of military aid to Ukraine.

“Why is it that the prime minister and the other friends of mine who are in Ukraine say they want defensive weapons? So they can defeat the Russians? Of course not. It’s a morale thing,” McCain said.


Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, who appeared at the Atlantic Council with McCain, agreed that sending weapons was not a viable strategy, but for different reasons than the president.


Secretary of State John Kerry spoke after McCain and Murphy at the Atlantic Council event, calling the events in Ukraine “a wake-up call” that highlight the importance of a strong NATO.

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