On June 12, 2014, Chris Brummer, C. Boyden Gray Fellow, delivered remarks Self-Regulation panel at CFA with Amarilis Sardenberg Chair of the Board of BM&FBOVESPA Market Supervision and Susan Wolburgh Jenah, the President and CEO of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. [details here] On the panel, presenters highlighted the pivotal role of self regulatory organizations given both the expertise and chronically underfunded nature of primary regulation by the SEC and CFTC.

Brummer in particular highlighted the Atlantic Council’s work on EU-US regulatory coordination and stressed the challenges of cooperation, even among SROs, as the regulatory emphasis switches from “rule-making” to “supervision.” Other panelists included Mary Shapiro, former head of the SEC, and Richard Ketchum, the head of FINRA. Event Details: Self-Regulation in the Financial Markets: Exchange Issues, Market Structure, and Investor Protections

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